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Fridge and air-conditioning systems – maintenance, leakage detection, repairs, spare parts, retrofit of systems from Freon R 22 to new non HCFC alternatives -  R 417A, R 404A, R 422 D

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Upholstering of couches, sofas, arm-chairs, spring-beds

Electrical systems – service of ship’s electronic & automation systems, main & emergency engines electrical supply systems

Electric motors – cleaning, rewinding

Machining of valves, cylinder heads, liners, and other engine details

Computers and local computer networks, WiFi internet

Printers– repairs, cartridge refilling, replacing defective parts

Underwater survey, cleaning and repair services, with approvals of BV, RINA, ABS, DNV-GL

Load Testing of cranes and lifting equipment – total 70 tones water bags available, (2 x 10 tons and 1 x 50 tons), with electronic load measuring devise

Non-destructive testing (NDT) as per EN ISO 9712 via Level  II certified Inspector, approved by DNV-GL and RINA for :

  • leak testing (hydraulic pressure tests included)
  • ultrasonic hatch covers testing
  • visual testing (direct unaided visual tests).

Fire, Rescue and Safety Equipment – Servicing of equipment and systems by IACS class authorized survey company with facilities in Bulgaria and Romania

- Portable fire extinguishers              - Life buoys

- Co2 installations                             - Life jackets

- Breathing apparatus                      - Immersion suits

- E.E.B.D. escape sets                      - Foam installations

- Compressed air cylinders               - Foam liquid analysis

- Fire man's outfits                           - Dry powder installations

- Water mist installations                  - Fire detection systems