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Marine Chemicals

Since 2011 our company operates as local agent and stockiest of Marinecare B.V. - Holland. For these 8 years we succeed to proove to a number of customers the qualities of MarineCare products and to demonstrate the benefits of their usage. 

The portfolio includes chemicals for Fuel Oil treatment, Water treatment, Corrosion treatment, Tank and Hold cleaning , Ultarsonic cleaning, Sewage plants maintenance, Test kits and Cleaning procedures.

1. Fuel Oil Treatment  
1.1.    Caretreat Sludge - Precombustion fuel treatment in storage and separating fuel system. 
1.2.    Caretreat Combustion - Combustion catalyst for combustion improvement of fuels.
1.3.    Caretreat FOT LS - A lubricity improving sludge conditioner.
1.4.    Caretreat Valve - A post combustion fuel ash modifier.

2. Engine Room and Deck Cleaners / Tank Cleaners / Oil Spill Dispersant  
2.1.    Careclean Alkaline - Powerful non-caustic alkaline cleaner for removal of vegetable oils and fatty acid. 
2.2.    Careclean Alkaline Extra - Powerful caustic alkaline cleaner for removal of vegetable oils and fatty acid.
2.3.    Careclean Aquawash - An economical friendly teepol for general cleaning.
2.4.    Careclean OSD Enviro - A totally bio-degradable oil spill dispersant.

2.5.    Careclean Degreaser GP - A solvent based emulsifying general purpose degreaser.
2.6.     Careclean Voyage - A strong emulsifying solvent based cleaner for removal of heavy oils.
2.7.     Careclean Degreaser HD Split - Heavy duty mineral oil cleaner with separating properties.
2.8.    Careclean Multicleaner - A strong bio-degradable general purpose cleaner.
2.9.    Careclean Degreaser HD - A heavy duty solvent based emulsifying mineral oil cleaner.  
2.10.  Careclean Neutral HCF - Neutral cleaner for removal of oils and hydrocarbon free cleaning of zinc coated tanks.
2.11.  Careclean EnergyWash - A universal water based tankcleaner for removal of mineral, vegetable and animal oils and greases
2.12.  Careclean SC - Powerfull, non-caustic tank cleaner to remove animal, mineral and vegetable oils and greases, IG Soot and Hydrocarbon Free Cleaning.
2.13.  Careclean WAF -  waterbased cleaner and desinfectant mainly used for cleaning of reefer rooms, containers and reefer cargo holds. 

3. Electro cleaners  
3.1.    Careclean ECS Quick Dry - A non-flammable, non-conductive fast evaporating electrocleaner. 
3.2.    Careclean ECS Safe - An environmental non-CFC's containing electrocleaner.

4. Carbon solvents  
4.1.    Careclean Carbon - Cleaning agent for partially carbonized oils. 
4.2.    Careclean ACC / Air Cooler Cleaner - A special cleaner for in service or manual cleaning of aircoolers.
4.3.    Careclean Filter - Cleaning agent for lubricating and fuel filters.

5. Acid cleaners  
5.1.    Careclean HD Descalex L - A heavy duty scale remover, low foaming liquid.
5.2.    Careclean F Descalex P - An inhibited powder acid cleaner and scale remover.
5.3.    Careclean Rust - An acidic liquid for rust and stain removal.
5.4.    Caretan Corrosion - A rust converter that neutralizes the corrosion process. 

5.5.    Careclean Separator - An acidic cleaner for stainless steel separator discs.

6. Boiler Water Treatment  
6.1.    Alkalinity Control - To control alkaline level in low and high-pressure boiler systems 
6.2.    Caretreat 4 Condensate - Condensate Avanced organic oxygene scavenging and condensate pH controller.
6.3.    Carefloc - coagulates oil in the boiler water for removal by blow down
6.4.    Caretreat 3 Boiler - Boiler Avanced organic boiler water treatment for alkalinity scale control and sludge conditioner.

7. Evaporator Maintenance 
7.1.    Caretreat 1 Evaporator  - Evaporator Neutral liquid for prevention of scale and sludge.

8. Sea Water Treatment 
8.1.    Caretreat 5 Seawater  - Seawater Prevents corrosion and marine growth in seawater cooling systems.

9. Diesel Engine Cooling Water Treatment 
9.1.    Caretreat 2 Diesel - Diesel Corrosion and scale inhibitor for cooling water system of diesel engines. 

10. Fresh Water and Portable Water Systems 
10.1.   Caretreat 6 PWT - PWT Potable Water Treatment. 

11. Special Produts  
11.1.   Careclean Hand / Handcleaner - A handcleaning gel. 
11.2.   Water finder special - Paste to determine the presence of water in gasoline tanks. This product becomes bright red if it has been in contact with water.
11.3.   Gasoline finder - Paste to provide clear indication of the gasoline level and other light mineral oils in tanks.

12. Biological - Enviromental Products  
12.1.   Careclean GP Enviro - A waterbased general purpose degreaser with clear fresh odour.
12.2.   Careclean Sewage - Biological multipurpose sanitation system treatment and cleaner.
12.3.   Careclean BIO Acs - a balanced compound composed of bacteria, enzymes and nutritious elements. The enzymes and bacteria become active on fat, food leftovers, paper and other organic material causing nasty smells.

13. Test Kits  
13.1.   Test Kit Coolingwater - It serves to determine the Nitrite level in diesel engine cooling water and advise to add the respective amount of Cool Treat NCLT. It can be used for boiler water as well 
13.2.   Test Kit Boilerwater - it is combination from Alkalinity and chloride test kit 
13.3.   Test Kit P-Alkalinity - This Test kits serves to determine P and M Alkalinity of boiler water and take the necessary action - blow down and/or adding Boiler Treatment
13.4.   Test Kit Chloride - This Test kits serves to determine the chloride level of boiler water and take the necessary action - blow down and/or adding Condensate Treat to boiler water (hot well). It can be used to determine the chloride level of cooling water in order to add the needed amount of Colorcooling

13.5.   Reagents for Test Kits - bottles 100 ml
13.6.    PH Paper - box